Who We Are

☢ Nuclear Radio Station that is modeled after the MegaTon Explosive Powered Career of DJ Newclear™ (DJ Nuclear). Newclear Radio™ Pushes the Edge of Censorship With Pure Reason Which Some Call Insanity. Newclear Radio™ is a 100% UNCENSORED & FREE OF CHARGE TO FANS NUCLEAR RADIO STATION THAT FEATURES THE GREATEST IN ROCK • HARD ROCK • HEAVY ROCK & MORE. 100% FREE WORLD/USA RADIO • 18+ Radio

The Newclear Radio™ is a For-Profit/For-Good Nuclear Radio Station. "Necessary Wealth For Necessary Entertainment", All The Ads You See On Our Site Are Offerings for Fans! Purchase From One or More of our many Product & Service Offerings! Just Click On The Ads On The SITE! Open 24/7/365, Any Where, For Anyone, Virtually Any Entertainment, All at 1 Place! Support Music and Support Your Favorite Entertainment at The Same Time! Get a Great Deal On Many of Your Favorite Entertainment Choices With The Newclear Radio™